• 25 Jan 2012

    Software Radio / Data Tunneling – Episode 5

    Taking another look at Software Radio, this time with the Ettus Research E100, we create a data tunnel and send a network over it. The E100 inclu...
  • 26 Mar 2011

    Software Radio / OpenBTS – Episode 4

    OpenBTS is an open source software project that implements a GSM BTS capable of supplying cellular voice and SMS service via a software programma...
  • 25 Mar 2011

    GSM Module – Episode 3

    The ADH8066 is a complete embeded quad-band GSM radio capable of voice, data and SMS service. With just a serial connection it can add GSM communication to an embeded project. The radio sells for $50 at Sp...
  • 10 May 2010

    Xen Virtualization 2 – Episode 2

    Xen virtualization with LVM volumes on top of a software RAID 1 on a machine with 2 hard drives....